Amiga Installation Screenshots

Login. When you boot from the USB image, you should be presented with a login screen. Login as 'root', password is 'root'.

1. Select 'Install Hot Dog Linux' from the menu bar. It will scan the drives for a Linux partition. If it finds one, then you can click 'Skip'. Otherwise you will have to create one using fdisk or an alternative program.

2. Select the first option to continue with the installation dialogs. The UP/DOWN, SPACE, '+', '-', and TAB keys do not work. The text is a remnant from the Slackware installation script. ENTER should work, though.

3. I do not use swap space, as I prefer to run out of memory.

4. Select the Linux partition you want to use for the installation.

5. I always do a quick format.

6. I use 'ext4'.

7. The partition will be added to '/etc/fstab'.

8. I have Windows installed on another partitions. I select 'No' because I don't want to access it from Linux.

9. Select 'Install SLACKWARE Live OS to disk'.

10. Click 'OK' to start the installation.

11. Wait a few minutes while everything gets installed.

12. When it is finished, click 'OK'.

13. Now you will create a user account.

14. Enter the username for the user account you want to create.

15. Enter a password for the user.

16. Enter a root password.

17. I'm not exactly sure what this means, but just click 'OK'.

18. I prefer to use syslinux instead of LILO but you can install LILO if you like. If you want to use a different bootloader, you'll have to do it manually.

19. I choose to safe option.

20. I leave it blank.

21. I choose MBR.

22. I choose 'No', but you can configure the network here if you like.

23. These are the defaults.

24. I choose local time.

25. I use 'vim'. Nothing beats vim.

26. All done.

27. Exit the installer.

28. Click 'OK'. From the menu bar, choose 'Restart' to boot the installed system.